Field grown, in season, specialty cut flowers for all occasions





After ten years teaching high school and three young kids at home, it was time to slow down, to take a break from teaching, and to take care of the family.  While I had been teaching we had already expanded my gardens and started selling plants and bouquets at a farmers market.  This change in schedule with work allowed us to expand on this crazy idea of being a flower farmer.

So here we are, it’s been ten years since I was teaching, 13 years now of going to market, two more kids added to the family, a few sheep, a few goats, a few chickens, and a whole lot of flowers and I couldn’t be happier.  I have always loved growing flowers from seed and it feels like I have turned my hobby into my job.  And what a great job it is.  I get to work with my family and be surrounded by beauty on a daily basis.  I don’t have to dress up or do my hair or ‘go to work’ and I’m my own boss.  Yes, life is good … except maybe on those super hot heat alert days in August …  or when the mosquitoes find me at the end of the day but I still need to cut one more bucket of Sweet William … but most of the time it’s good.



Our farm is located in Wellandport.  We farm on the land where Bob grew up, what used to be the Gerryt’s dairy operation.  It’s a beautiful farm with a big old dairy barn and a small river that runs behind our house.  The land is fairly heavy clay so we continue to add compost and grow cover crops to improve the work-ability of the soil.  And since we own the old dairy barn, we have added animals to our farm … partly because I like animals and mostly because they produce great compost.

We’re always on the hunt for fun and new flower varieties.  Presently we fill just under two acres with annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs.