Field grown, in season, specialty cut flowers for all occasions

How to best care for your flowers?

1. Trim off the stems of your flowers before placing in vessel, and every time you change the water. Use sharp scissors or a knife as dull blades can damage the tissue of the stems.
2. Remove any excess foliage that will drop below the water line.
3. Do not put the flowers in a hot car, full sun or room, this decreases life.
4. Add flower food if you wish. We do not use flower food at the farm, and find that clean water and clean cuts make a difference.
5. Replenish and/or change water every other day. Don’t let the water line fall below the shortest stem. If it does, recut.
6. Some flowers last longer than others. Remove wilted flowers & foliage and enjoy the rest of the blooms for a longer period.
7. Clean your vases with hot soapy water before reusing.
8. Wash your hands after cutting flowers as some stems can exude skin irritating saps.

Blooms are for visual joy; do not consume.

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